Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Report: Interrupted Work Time

Today the kids had a lot of interruptions. Some were uncontrolled like constantly having to get kleenex, and then we had errands that had to be done today, during the afternoon.

Ken started her new reading book, and browsed through some of the companion stuff we checked out of the library on Monday. I think this Girl is going to be fun to learn history through, it was the only time Ken managed to smile today, she still isn't feeling well.

Ken also mustard up enough energy to do a command card working with the Geometry Cabinet.

DJ did some woodworking again today, and made shapes using the wood and saw.

He worked with naming fractions today as a review.

DJ also worked with Clock three part cards.

Ken tried to work on writing about the life of Dr. Seuss but she just couldn't finish.

DJ read chapter 2 and 3 in Holes his reading and learned what the theme of the book is,and howperservance is shown through the main characters' father. He also learned about Thomas Edisons' quote about what makes a genius. Now DJ feels he is a genius because he is a hardworker:)

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