Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daily Report: Easing Back Into A Rhythm

Well today was much better than yesterday. They had more energy and less interruptions!! DJ and Ken still aren't feeling so well, but they are realizing it is better to stay busy than to mope around and repeatedly keep saying how sick they are.

DJ read chapters 4 and 5 of Holes. He was able to compare this book to Tall Tales, and learned how to do a Quote Analysis.

Ken finished the first Chapter in Meet Cecile a book in the American Girls Series set in Louisiana. Ken had fun getting to know more about this girl by playing a game on the computer. Ken also learned the meaning and how to pronounce some words in French; A la maison, Rene, Mademoiselle. There are tons of glossary words in the back of the book that allows the reader to really get a great introduction to this language.

They both had fun using the computers to play learning games. Ken is reviewing division, and DJ is working on multiplication. Adding a new outlet today sure did help boost them into gear,they didn't really want to do school today:(


Logical Adverb work.

Working with the Fraction Metal Insets

More work on the timeline

Preparing a special snack to share with her school family tomorrow. Somebody turns 11 years old on Saturday:)

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