Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daily Report: An Ordinary Spring Day

It is getting harder and harder to stay focused on school for me, I LOVE SPRING!! I just want to be outside and maybe do a little yard work. O.K really just be outside!! The kids still stick to the routine and continue to be hardworkers. They really do motivate me!!
Snap Circuits! This new electronic toy gets used for at least two hours a day.
Researching more information about Kony 2012. Ken is smiling not about what she is reading, but that I just noticed that she was wearing a wig:)
DJ loves the notebooking pages for research on Endangered and Extinct animals.
Labeling North America Puzzle Map

DJ also declared the Long Division Boards with Racks and Tubes his favorite math material.
Logical Adverbs work.

Working with the Boatany Cabinet.
Doing some Practical Life work and cleaning up the backyard:)

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