Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daily Report: Lots Of Reading And Writing!!

Lots of reading and writing took place today.  I love that they were reading for information and for fun!!

 This work came from the Montessori Print Shop Frog Starter Unit. Originally it was intended to be a sentence match to picture work. I knew that this was way too easy for DJ. So I cut them up, so he could have some fun sentence order work.
 I raised the stakes once I mixed all the sentences up with no control of error
 Putting the sentences in order were still quite easy for him.
 But I got to learn that he was ready to learn verb tenses as he questioned why "sits" was used this way in the sentence. I love it when I can find out exactly where they are through a fun work like this. No test, just naturally learning.                              

       Geometric Cabinet work.

    Building the brain and the skull.   

              Frog observation.

      Roman Numerals.                                                                         

 Reading the Constitution, and prewriting "If I Were President".

We reviewed what a myth was. I introduced them to the names of some Greek Gods and Goddesses. We used the Family Tree to see how all of them were related, and this was a great reference tool while I read The Myth of Orion.                                                                            

   Completed a venn diagram comparing frogs and toads. Word search fun! from Frog Starter Unit.

 Sorting Endangered Animals by habitats.
                   More snap circuits!

I enjoyed watching them independently read throughout the day. They really love to read non-fiction material. DJ was bummed about not being able to work on his model engine today, turns out we have to go purchase a jewelers' screwdriver:(                                                    



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