Monday, March 5, 2012

Daily Report: Basketball, Science, And Life Of Fred

Today was a very productive day:)

Ken and I read half of chapter 3 in Meet Cecile. Ken received the mini doll for her birthday so I kinda knew that the doll would be a part of our reading time. We are at the part of the story where Cecile meets Marie Grace. In Holes DJ read part of chapter 7. We were able to go deeper into the meaning of the word perserverance as the book used flashbacks about Stanley's great-great-grandfather.

After reading they played a round of basketball. In five minutes they were drilled on multiplication and division facts, and they correctly answered all of them.

Types of lines three part cards with definitions.

DJ has mastered the art of Oobleck and was excited to share this work with the preschoolers.

Volcanic eruptions.

Doing streak testing.

Children of the world.

Sketching a self portrait.

Anatomy of the human body.

Anatomy of the hand.

Both of them completed a chapter in Life Of Fred. DJ learned more about polygons, and Ken learned the different ways to write a division problem.


  1. First of all, where in the world do you store all your fun stuff!!!?? You have so many neat things. Your kids do so much quality work in one day it has my head spinning. Awesome, every time I read about your day.

  2. The activities that they choose from remain on shelves for their picking. My organization skills are the pits!! Once it is taken off the shelves it goes to a place where only the brave enter:) I really do appreciate all of your nice compliments. Thank you for taking the time to leave comments for us to read.


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