Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Report: Spending Time Outside

We did reading and the kids went straight to work.

Ken making jewelry for the school store.

Labeling the Africa map puzzle.

More eruptions. Let me share with you, the eruptions are getting better this one was real entertaining. Now DJ is writing down his measurements of baking soda, and vinegar to make this happen again.

Reading about the human body, and some anatomy.

Number puzzles.

Substraction while regrouping with beads.

They prepared a special snack for my assistant and me.

Sharing and enjoying the weather.

Making "poison".

Feeding the ducks.


  1. That Africa labeling looks tricky!

    Are they trying to find the best volcano recipe through trial and error?

  2. Labeling the Africa map is tricky, it also improves reading skills as well:) Yes that is exactly what is going on with the volcanoe!


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