Friday, March 16, 2012

Week Of March 12, 2012: Wrap-Up

We had a great school week!  The kids are really moving along and now they tell everyone how much they love being homeschooled:)                                

This week Ken finished reading Meet Cecile. It was a very nice read packed with a lot of history about Louisiana. Next week Ken will start Meet Marie Grace which is also set in Louisiana. DJ learned a whole lot about the culture of Ancient Rome. He learned about gladiatiors, soothsayers, and some Latin while reading a Vacation Under The Volcanoe a Magic Tree House Book. Yesterday they both showed strong interest in learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses so next week we will be spending time in this area as well. I love that the kids reading choices involves learning about history as well.
Logical adverbs have been getting a lot of attention. There are a lot of matches in this work, and right now this work has been a challenge!! I am going to break down the amount of sets I have avaliable next week.
DJ has improved his writing in mechanics while doing one of his favorite works' notebooking about Endangered and Extinct animals.                                                                      
Ken has improved in writing Fact vs Opinion in her efforts to help with the Kony 2012 campaign. Speaking about campaigns Ken's favorite thing to watch is the Presidential campaign ads on T.V. I was going to wait until Fall to go through the electoral process, I don't think she can wait. She will start on Monday with learning about the government.

They worked real hard in this area of learning as well. They wouldn't stop their work for the day until the completed a certain amount of problems. They worked on roman numerals, division, long division, multiplication, multiplication story problems, and division story problems. They are still enjoying the Geometry Command Cards.

   Counting by tens using Roman Numerals
                         Long division work
                               Division using the Stamp Game
Using the Small Bead Frame to solve multiplication problems.

                             Collaging shapes.

                                Labeling the square                                                              
Geography is a subject that they always enjoy. I really never need to change any materials on this shelf. The same materials have mostly been out all school year, and they still find something new to learn each day.
            North America Pin Map                                             

 Locating different Landforms on the globe and identfying the place with a sticker.

  Labeling North America Map.

  Flags of theWorld                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
The kids main interests are in the cultural works. The love anything that they can call science.


In the above photos DJ is sorting lifecycles of the labybug,butterfly,praying mantise,frog,honeybee,and ant. We are missing pieces so this was a very difficult task.                
Putting together a windmill.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                               The Sun Game
                               labeling a skeleton

 Working with the parts of the flower puzzle, and drawer from Botany Cabinet

 Snap Circuits Jr. This was the wining work this week!! Honestly if this was the only work avaliable to them, they still would of learned a lot:)

We had gorgeous weather this week! They spent lots of time outside running and enjoying nature.

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  1. There are so many and varied activities that fill their weeks. It is amazing to see!

  2. Such fabulous activities!!! We love snap circuits too.

    Popping in from the WWU.


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