Friday, March 30, 2012

Week Of March 26,2012: Weekly Wrap-Up

This week went by mighty fast! We had a very rainy week:( Of course that allowed for more school work to be done, and both of them took advantage of cozy indoor time using their time wisely and delved more into their interest.

Ken read about two and half chapters of Meet Marie Grace. Marie Grace is having a hard time adapting to life in New Orleans, and luckily Cecile is always right there at the right time to help. DJ read to chapter 5 in the Magic Treehouse series book The Hour of the Olympics. During his reading he learned about Plato, and Zeus. Also he has learned that once upon a time girls in Greece couldn't perform in plays. They also had lots of fun starting their own blogs, and pretending to be Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Diagramming sentences.

Matching sentences to pictures.

Mathematics is a area that they have been increasing their chose of works from. It is now becoming a habit for them to choose at least one math work daily. This has allowed me to offer more lessons, and they are understanding how repetition helps them to acquire skills .

The Geometric Command cards continue to get the most use.

DJ received his first lesson on the Multiplication Bead Layout.

Ken really dosen't need to use the Long Division with Racks and Tubes:) but she loves to use it.

Success with memorizing the Roman Numerals!!

Multiplying using the Small Bead Frame.

Solving multiplication equations without materials, still loves using the special paper.

After being introduced to the Multiplication Bead Layout DJ asked for me to return the Mulitplication Bead Board to the shelves. Now he does this work intensively, here my friends is an example of waiting and finding the right material . He wants to know his mulitplication facts a little better :)

DJ continues to want to learn more about frogs and to be honest my kids could enjoy school all week if those were the only kind of works avaliable to them.

The parts of the frog work, tracing the frog puzzle, Life Cycle of the Frog, and then coloring and labeling the picture.

DJ worked with some research cards from Montessori for Everyone and then listed the seven traits that animals have.

Endangered and Extinct animal research work.

Using a worm to make a microscope slide.

As always geography was definetly a part of their work week.

Africa Pin Map.

Europe Map Puzzle.

World Flag puzzle.

Practical Life activities played a major role in their week as well.

DJ finally got the tools he needed to continue building his 4 cylinder model engine.

Ken did lots of fun hairstyles practicing different techniques.

And life as it beautifully does happened. We had to spend about an hour and a half of our school time at the laundry mat. It was there first experience washing clothes at the laundry mat. Things we take for granted, like how to put quarters in the slot, adjusting levels for color or white,etc. Really I felt sad for waiting so late to expose them to this. After all if these two kiddos plan to attend college and live on campus this is a skill that they will definetly use.

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  1. You ALWAYS have such fun, hands-on activities for the kids! Does it take you a long time to pull them together? We do a variety of things during our days, but something I think we LACK the hands-on, creative stuff because I just don't have the time to pull them together!

    Oh, we have one of those engine models in the diningroom/learning room! My youngest has really enjoyed it! Did you son get it together? We found it wasn't the easiest to assemble...although maybe it's just me! Kids seem to figure these things out much easier! LOL

  2. Thank you for stopping by! It really doessn't take me to long to put the works together,for the most part I spend more time trying to find the right thing. DJ is still working on putting the model together, and your right it isn't easy at all, luckily he is sticking to it.

  3. Wow!! I love this week works!!! Love Ken's grammar works!! and ALL THE MATH WORKS!!! AMAZING!!!
    Big Hugs!


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