Monday, March 12, 2012

Daily Report: Haircut Day

We had some more gorgeous weather! We still stayed focused, although it was tempting to go run outside and go visit some parks.
The Magic Tree House book has replaced our current book "Holes" for now. DJ really wants to stick to this series. I do enjoy the books, but they really don't offer him any kind of reading challenge. I guess for the love of reading, he wins.

Just as I thought the Snap Circuits offered them real enjoyment and lots of learning at the same time.

The Sun Game.

Learning the parts of the atom.

The Stamp Game

Roman Numerals

Endangered and Extinct animal research.

Body puzzle put together ready to be labeled.

An Overdue haircut. Dj wasn't the only one to get a haircut. Today I cut my dredlocks off that I have being growing for four years !!


  1. would love to see a before and after of dredlocks!

    1. Nice try:) Right now I prefer to be the one taking the pictures!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! LOL


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