Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daily Report: Some Good News

A beautiful day in the neighborhood! They stayed busy today and even did a ton of Maths. It was kind of difficult with all the excitement, the kids overheard some good news about a school building I have been looking into possibly being avaliable. They really got excited when I said that there is more schooling that I must complete first. They are looking forward to possibly seeing one of my dreams come true!!

                                                 Fun with Snap Circuits Jr.
                                                   Flower puzzle.


                      More Endangered and Extinct Animal research.

                                                 Math Marathon
DJ was trying to figure out which math material he likes to use best.
                                                Small Bead Frame
                                                     Trinomial Algebraic Cube
                                                      Division Bead Board
 Long Division Boards with Racks and Tubes. This is a work that he really isn't ready for, but somehow he comes up with the correct answer:)
    Ken has been spending most of her time this week with this work.

Well the building will be for the preschoolers. If everything goes as planned Ken and DJ still will be tagging along with me. By the way Michelle will be with us(technically) next school year too! Lots more to post about this!  Now I am going to go shop online for the best Online Montessori Certification program that my money can buy ! (Which isn't much:( I am hoping to be able to do a dual program for primary and elementary. Wish me luck!!                                                                            


  1. That's so wonderful! I pray your dream comes true even better than you could have expected.

  2. VERY exciting time for your family !!!!!

  3. I'm so excited for you! May all your dreams come true!

  4. Very excited and happy for you! Best wishes on your new adventure!

  5. Thank you ladies for the wonderful encouraging words!!

  6. Super exciting news...Sooo, did DJ pick a favorite material after all of that or is he still undecided, LOL! I want to hear more about the electromagnetism work.

    1. You know what he didn't even tell me which one he liked best:)

  7. I hope everything is going well with your exciting plans! I featured your blog and a photo from this post in my Montessori Elementary Homeschool Inspiration and Ideas post at


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