Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily Report: The Sun Is Shining

The weather was nice, and it energized these two kids!! As usual we started our day with reading and finished up the chapters we started on yesterday.

Started on the dioramas for the dinosaurs, and animals in the Savannah by planting Cat Grass.

Volcanoe eruptions,and coloring a diagram of a volcanoe.

Triangle three part cards.

Africa continent box.

Successfully put together the model of the hand!!

Testing the hardness of rocks. DJ really enjoyed this and loved looking at the Moh's Scale of Hardness.

With the sun shining we had to take the learning out doors.

Equipped with gear to find new discoveries.

Using a field guide to determine the name of the rock.

Found a pod.

Counting tree rings.

When we made it back from our walk DJ started dissection work with the beans.

Diagramming sentences.

Doing syllabication work with spelling objects and moveable alphabet.

Solving square roots.

Review time in the Geometry workbook that DJ has been doing.


  1. I just love seeing what they are up to! GREAT box for the Africa continent box. That disembodied hand just cracks me up.

    1. The hand cracks us up too! You can just imagine the things not caught on camera that they have done with it:) Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Here's my question: Do you plan these things for your kids each day, or do they just grab an activity and go? They cover so much in a day, I was just wondering.

    1. I do not plan what they do for the day, but I am very intentional on what is on the shelves for them to choose from. My presentations are planned before the material is avaliable, when they choose something new I go for it! If they are ready for the next step in any material, whatever day it is thats' when they learn it. The only thing that I plan specifically for a particular day is reading. I make suggestions and sometimes they like the idea, like the diorama. I am really following the child here. For example DJ liked doing the streak test with rocks, so it was only natural for me to introduce him to the hardness scale. To make this answer short Yes they just grab an activity and go. Thank you for asking this question, and please feel free to ask more.


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