Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inspired By Dr.Seuss

He was so proud of the way this art of his turned out!!

DJ used a lampshade to make a circle. After a few moments he asked if I could leave him to his work.

He called me back to share his work, and to let me know it was alright to take pictures.

He sprayed painted the front of his hair. I was so excited when he asked me if I would do the back of his hair for him.

Today for the first time ever he wanted to go outside in this world and be noticed!!

Linking to Saturdays' Artist


  1. i found you from OLM's saturday's artist! what a wonderful project! thing 7! love it!

  2. Great job!! There are so many cute Dr. Suess related posts this week. We celebrated too, with Green Eggs and Ham!

  3. Very cute. What a great job he did. We celebrated as well. We did There's a Wocket in Your Pocket art work.

  4. Sooo cute!
    And a giant step, hmm? How wonderful!


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