Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daily Report:Cosmetologyl( Advanced Practical Life)

Ken has always been into fashion. Her very own kind of fashion!! No brand name labels, she really wants to make her own product line, and she knows exactly what kind of hairstyle should go with it. Since a toddler she has been caught in my very few colors of nail polishes. Make up is something she likes to explore, this didn't come from me. At most I wear eyeliner, and lipstick(my choice of color has been the same for about ten years now). I have found outlets for both of my girls like teaching about skincare, and the usual talk "You are beautiful and you don't need any make up, you are too YOUNG". However Ken came up with another creative way and this is what she said, "Can I practice on a mannequin, I can then practice make up techniques, and also I can save money for more fabric..." I have to be honest I was smitten when she used the word technique, now were going somewhere. We went into the Beauty Supply store with just $10.00. Not much money, but a great start for eleven year old who just might change her career path(lol). Ken purchased a bag of really cheap weaving hair, hair glue, and a styrofoam dummy. Ken really caught me by surprise with her high level of concentrationl, I have to admit this may be her passion!!

 Applying the hair to the stocking cap using hair glue.

 Look!! You even need to know math to be a hairstylist. Her idea not mine:)

                            A closer look.

Turns out Ken needed to have purchased two bags of hair to complete one hairstyle. Here is Kens' story problem of the day; How many inches of hair or feet of hair does it take to do this hairstyle? Trust me she is meauring right now, because she wants to go get more hair!!  Nothing like going to the beauty shop and the stylist has ran out of supplies.                                                      


  1. She is having way too much fun with this! Love it!

  2. It was fun watching her go at it too! Thank you for stopping ny and leaving a comment.


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