Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daily Report: More Than Two Hours Of Math(my head hurts:)

Today was a lot of math, reading, writing , and a little bit of cultural activities.

In the book Walk Two Moons, Phoebe who is Sals' friend keeps a journal. Ken did an activity that involved her wrting a page in Phoebes' journal. It was quite a challenge at first because she wanted to write about her own feelings. In the end she was able to walk in Phoebes' shoes.

Ken also read a lot of the local newspaper and worked in her Newsie Binder, completing a lot of the writing activities.

The elephant puzzle is almost finished!

DJ made a paper model of the "bird/dinosaur" Archaeopterxy using symmetry. He also did some copy work recording some facts about this creature in his Smash journal.

Ken used candy hearts to review adding fractions, and what also turned into a lesson in decimals. The green mat is a place value mat more commonly used with Golden bead material. We used it for understanding how to figure out place value after the decimal point. It caught me by surprise that this was a new concept for her. In the past she has done addition with money and used the decimal point correctly, this is something we are definetly going to be learning more about.

DJ wanted to work on telling time, the quick solution I had for this was this worksheet. He was inspired by the Mickey Mouse watch that their grandmother sent him. It arrived yesterday and since then he has been telling everybody what time it is:)

DJ also reviewed his money skills using a workbook.

Ken asked me to show her how to do the Long Bead Frame again. For the longest time she has been trying to do all of her long multiplication unsuccessfully, and stubbornly refusing to use the Long Bead Frame to help. Today she got it! She was totally tickled, and I received a big hug after she completed her first problem and it was correct:)

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