Tuesday, February 7, 2012

14 Times Around The Sun!!

Well today was your day! It was awesome to watch you so gracefully accept center of attention.

Many repeated how time flies, and they can remember when.... I agree time sure does fly especially when your having fun!!

I love the role model you have become for your sister and brother. I especially fall in love with the fact that you take your job very seriously.

You have made a difference in your schoolmates, and also your school. Because of you my normal is saying thank you everyday to a teacher, or friend complimenting on something you have did or said. You have a lot of people who have no doubts that you will succeed in whatever it is you set your mind to do. Your guidance counselor has made a recommendation for you to attend the local community college instead of high school. I am so impressed with you!!

You have made parenting more than I have ever imagined in a good way. I always knew you were special, but sometimes I can be a bit biased. It is so exciting to know that you feel that you are special too! That is what counts babe!! I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Watch out world because this fourteen year old is making her mark. Be Prepared!!


  1. What an incredible young lady! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to your oldest princess!! Time goes so fast..isn't it?
    I really hope your wishes come true : )


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