Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oceans and Rivers

We still have our noses in history as a group, but DJ during independent work time has been choosing to  label the oceans and major rivers of the continents using the felt map.

 It doesn't follow the Montessori traditional colors of the continents, but DJ is beyond using that control of error.

We got this map a while ago at Walmart, it is made by Discovery. It also came with animals to place on the correct continent.

The kids use this poster that came with it for their control chart.                                                                          
Linking this post to the History/Geography Meme hosted by All Things Beautiful.


  1. Love it! This reminds me that I have two awesome geography games packed up, that I should pull out.

  2. That is a pretty map. I can see that it would be appealing to work with. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love it!!! We saw that map to!! and I put it on my wish list!!!(tooo long!!!)lol wonderful idea!! Thanks!!


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