Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Fall Week 5

Our week in pictures.
We are still learning about Monet. This week we read some chapters from a book

I am loving using Meet the Masters for our Art program.
They also learned how to paint like Monet using a q-tip to make a color wheel.

Chordates was the focus of their zoology presentation. We talked about the characteristics that make up this group in the Animal Kingdom
They learned about the different types of animals that belong to the Chordate family. The cards above can be purchased at Montessori Print Shop.                                                                                  
 They also drew pictures of animals that belong to the Chordate and made their own information wall.  
Loads of maths was accomplished. From working with multiplication all the way to Algebra working with negative numbers, solving problems that will not result in x being negative.
Power of two cube.
Multiplication color by number.
Long multiplication with the  Checkerboard.
Long Division work with the Rack and Tubes.
Working with the Division Chart
                                                                     Number words.
In Latin Michelle has finished Chapter two in Unit 1 figuring out English derivatives and she started on Chapter 3 learning a new chant.
Ken and DJ completed Chapter 2 in Song School Latin which taught Latin vowel sounds, and What is your name? My name is____.
Looks like we are having a language explosion around here. When it comes to language works all of them are constantly requesting more work in this area.
   In WriteShop I, Ken did activities using a thesaurus, and enjoyed making a mind map.                                                                        
 DJ and Ken started step 2 in All About Spelling Level  which introduced some spelling words, sounds, and  spelling strategies. They knew how to spell all of them except effect, which they spelled affect, this led to using the spelling poster that I appreciated  having.                                                                        
 In Write Shop Junior DJ has been learning to write with humor.                                                                              
 A Journal prompt inspired him to write a book.    

This subject has been really exciting!! The have been learning about the Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era, and the Cambrian Era. I really like how they create group work while learning about this time in history.                                                                    
They have renamed the Paleozoic Era the Age of the Rats based off the the creature pictured above.
Matching the die cuts have been a bit of a challenge but they are learning a lot through discovery along the way.                                                                          
                                     Highschool Hodgepodge
 This week Michelle has had her head in a lot of good books, mainly the books are all related to psychology. She also learned quite a bit of French.

  We have been learning the dance moves to the video Beat It by Micheal Jackson. So much fun!!                                                                        

I went on and presented the Geographic Impressionistic Chart #3, even though they hadn't work much with chart #2.  This one only came with two experiments which they loved doing under my supervision.
                        The Cosmic Dance- Beginning of the Cooling Process
                             The hot air on the Earth rose and then cooled.
  After cooling it came back to the Earth's surface and was heated again by the Sun.
We did more reading in our Great Lessons books from Book 2 .

                                                            Extra Stuff
                       DJ sewed a pillow using felt.                                                  
                               Ken made another doll dress.                                              
                 Michelle finalized what her comic book character will look like.

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  1. The more I read about what you're doing, the more I feel sure I want to homeschool as my children get older. Their work is so cool!

  2. The Q-tip art project looks really cool. I have only seen it done with Seurat, but I can see how it fits in with Monet too. Monet is so fun to study. You math studies always look so interesting, even if I am not sure what is going on. I have heard good things about All About Spelling. I tried the first one with my younger two boys and they hated it, so I dropped it. It does look good, though. I remember when we still used the DSM-III (I guess that shows how old I am!). Another great week.

  3. My head spins from all the awesome stuff you do! Love the Monet project. I am more and more intrigued by Montessori every time I read your blog. Great week!

  4. Wow. I'm a little in awe of all the great stuff you guys have been learning. A little jealous, too. :)

  5. Looks like they are both working hard and learning a lot!

  6. Such talented kids! I love your kids' creative ideas and the projects they do each week! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned your art project to my Kids' Art Appreciation Board at

  7. Love it!
    Such talent

  8. REALLY great week. I love that they are learning those dance moves. So fun! It's really cool that your daughter is learning to sew, too. I hope my kids will want to do that one day - so I can also get better at it, too. I always feel like it's easier to learn stuff when I'm doing it with them. Do you know what I mean?

    No more language linky?


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