Friday, October 26, 2012

The Kindergarten Corner: Finally A Full Week!!

This week in Kindergarten was a blast and very rewarding work for Janessa and I. This week she became a confident reader!!
Janessa was introduced to the rule of reading the third sound of "a".
 Sorted letters by vowels and consonants.                                

Matched words to pictures.
  And remembered to use the Sandpaper letters to help with writing.                                                                      

 Janessa also did a ton of math. She enjoyed using a ruler to create straight lines while practicing one to one correspondence and more or less.  Fell in lone with the teen boards, and mastered her skills in regards to numbers 1-9. The printable card material shown is from The Helpful Garden                                                                               

   Janessa was inspired by an older child to work with the felt map to place animals according to continent.                                                                    

The Solar System work is getting much attention. The cards are also from The Helpful Garden.                                                                                                          
Janessa enjoyed learning more about Mercury, and Venus as well as painting them for her Solar System model.
     These were her favorite Space related books this week.                                                                          

  Much fun was to be had as she learned about the voting process through reading a book, and holding a mock election involving Hersheys and Snickers candy bars.                                  
  It wouldn't be a normal week if Janessa didn't color!!

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  1. What are you using for your English? It looks great. I love the painting the planets. Looks like a fab K week!!

  2. For English we are using Primary Arts of Language: Reading and Writing from Institute For Excellence in Writing. A full review to come shortly!!

  3. What a great kindy week! Congrats on your little confident reader!


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