Monday, October 22, 2012

A Microscope and High School Biology

This weekend at a Mom 2 Mom sale I scored a microscope complete with accessories for just $15.00. I don't think this microscope has ever been used.

It is definitely a step up from our Vivatar( which I wouldn't recommend to anyone). The kids were happy to explore and SEE everything crystal clear and also on the computer. This is one of the best home schooling purchases I  have made. This microscope was basically free and now my kiddos are eager than ever to use a microscope. I still have my eye on another microscope, but it can stay on the wish list a little longer, like until next year.
 The new microscope prompted some reading from this book. Ami from Walking By The Way has a very nice printable workbook that goes with this book, you can find it in the printable section. I plan to print and bind the printable and have the kids work with it so they can learn more about Microscopes and be better prepared when we begin our biology lessons in January sometime.
 This week Michelle will be adding in her last required course this school year(fall-spring). Biology a requested subject that she would like to learn more about. It is difficult for me to find material that meet requirements for high school credit that also doesn't require a textbook dictating certain additional reads that may lead to boredom if they are not interesting. I decided to purchase Biology: A Self Teaching Guide. It comes with review questions and test for assessment purposes. What I liked most about it is a college preparatory course, independence is required, and she may go as deep as she would like for topics that interest her and find books that will allow her to go deeper,
To go along with this course I also got the Biology Coloring Book. Don't let the title fool you!! What sold me on this book was the learning method that was involved in making this book. While she is reading she is coloring and learning color associations to identify what is being taught. It involves all areas of the brain while you are learning. It is recommended for College level, but I know she can handle it. I also think a good reader, and someone who follows directions really well could do this book too.


  1. cannot wait to see what you all are doing to do with that microscope.

  2. I think I'd like that coloring book for myself! Can't wait to see the cool things your kids do with the microscope. What an amazing find!


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