Friday, October 19, 2012

The Kindergarten Corner: Highlights Of The Week

Not really much was going on in the Kindergarten department this week. Janessa caught the sickies along with my children. Here are a few highlights from the week.

 The Decimal Tray was well received!! Janessa did a coloring sheet available from Montessori Print Shop. Janessa also completed a lot of logic activities that solidified that she was indeed ready for this work. She also had fun with the Number Memory Game.

The Sun was the topic of her cultural lessons. She learned that the Sun was the center of the Solar System, it is a star, and it is made up of hot gases. Janessa, right now wasn't interested in learning the parts of the sun, but loved reading about it and painting a sun that will be a part of her Solar System model.           

 Matching color words to colors.

  Matching letter stories to the correct letter.                                                                            
  Reading orally after coloring the work sheet.                                                                    

Janessa loves to read!! There was a lot of work with handwriting and blends not pictured .

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