Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 6

This week has been quite a learning experience for me! I am learning more and more each day how following the child makes life much easier, and sometimes letting my personal agendas go actually works out a whole lot better.

We started our work week off by learning some facts about the Election process.
They used the thumbs to point up if they thought the information was true about the election process and thumbs down if they thought it was false.
This idea came from one of our schloastic activity books. We also talked about the importance of voting being private, which came about from them looking at each others responses while answering the questions.

     DJ and Ken did some research about the primary elections and Michelle completed a Election Scavenger Hunt using the newspaper.                                                                    

I can't say enough how Math work is just so right for us. Michelle continues to learn with Teaching Textbook Algebra 1 learning about undoing reverse orders, undoing with division, doing algebra work with more than two operations, and simplifying.
Geometry work kept Ken and DJ busy with learning the definition of geometry, polygons, parts of the circle and working quite a bit with the Geometric Sticks.                              

Latin for Children is officially Michelle's favorite subject. She enjoyed watching the cartoon in Latin as well as completing activity pages. This program has done wonders for her Grammar skills.                                              
Ken and DJ worked on identifying the subject and predicate forming simple sentences using pictures, and prepared sentences to begin properly diagramming sentences.          

   All About Spelling also continues to work for us. This week's practice words had Homograph Words that we explored.                                                                             
Write Shop 1 still had Ken working with the thesaurus and dictionary. I think the skill builder activities are necessary for Ken, but she really didn't like working with the dictionary this week.
    The picture above was exactly how you could find one of DJ's work areas. He has started writing a book.

 There were no new lessons presented in Zoology still they did research on prehistoric animals:)                                                                                                                                                         

 For music we read quite a bit of Micheal Jackson's autobiography, listened to Man in the Mirror and then they interpreted what the song meant to them.                                                                     

We concluded our Artist Study of Claude Monet. This is where I totally bombed a lesson! Instead of looking over the lesson and preparing an example as instructed I winged it, and I winged it bad:(
 At least they still felt like Master Artist when they were done. Between us their work didn't turn out the way it was suppose too. I am glad that they enjoyed the process and learned some history about Monet.

In history they are still absorbed in their Time Line of Life work.                                                                       

In geography they started learning the parts of the mountain.

 We switched from Botany lessons to learning some chemistry because according to them they couldn't stand another lesson of science without involving mixing something up.                                                                        
 Although I learned quite a bit of new lessons, the week was still very exciting and relaxing.    

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  1. What a great and full week! I loved it all, but especially the math notebook!!

  2. Looks like an awesome week! I'm going to check out the Latin for Children - that sounds right up my daughter's alley!

  3. Another incredible week. I love Man in the Mirror - song analyzing - I am always having these discussions with my Bear.

  4. This one had me thinking how much fun it would be to be your student ;) I learned so little about the election process, and about government in general, in school. It looks like your kids are learning a ton and having fun doing it! I love that they're demanding chemistry, too. You have some real science lovers on your hands!,


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