Friday, October 26, 2012

High School Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 8

This is the first weekly wrap up that I have written in regards to only Michelle's High School work. I hope you enjoy reading this journey that is always subject to change:)

In History and Geography she mapped Phileas Foggs' journey Around the World in 88 days, and finished reading the book.
                        Image can be found at                                                                   
 For her year long research project she decided to do a biography on Fidel Castro. Michelle's main question is; Did becoming a dictator and seizing control of Cuba help Fidel Castro to compensate for his emotional rough childhood?                                                                        

For art she discovered the balance of the artist Piet Mondrian.

This week Michelle started her Biology studies.                                        
She enjoyed using the highlighter to help her find the main idea. This week she learned about the different theories and how they got tested and disproved. Also there was much talk about the difference from a scientist and a creationist.
  The coloring pages offered additional insight and a wonderful way to learn.
 Using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra 1 she learned how to get x's out of the parentheses, combine x's, how to distribute x's and how to use the rate formula in word problems.                    

Latin continues to be her favorite subject. This week her lessons covered subjects and verbs in sentences, in Latin there aren't any articles you add them, and she tackled a new memory page that reinforced noun endings.                                                    

 Gearing up for NaNoWriMo!! Michelle has completed most of the workbook and is happy to be participating.                                                                  
We talked about voting, and she even filled out her own voting registration form(not real, she is only 14). She had fun learning about the requirements of being able to vote. Boy is she mad that you can't vote until your 18. We had a fun mock election as well.                      
Our read aloud that we are almost finished with. A memoir about a girl who because she dressed more manly was placed in various mental hospitals, because at the time she was being diagnosed with having a gender identity disorder.
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  1. Thanks for linking up to HomeSchool High! It looks like you have some fun studies happening!

  2. I like the idea of your dividing the wrap-up according to level. Interesting idea. My Sam and your Michelle are doing similar work. We just switched to Teaching Textbooks. He is also doing History Odyssey Modern, although he is further along with it. He is also doing biology, but Apologia's.

  3. I drooled over Apologia, hopefully next year we can do it!!

  4. Awesome! I like seeing the high school post separately. I have been contemplating NaNoWriMo for my younger guy. If Bear didn't already have such a full load, I'd push it on him! :)

  5. It all looks so fascinating! My kids are very small still, but I always have so much fun looking at what home high school looks like. And it looks like it's interesting!


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