Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Loving Piet Mondrian

Yesterday afternoon we got busy learning about Mondrian. We learned about where he lived and his abstract style of art. What I think really got them interested in learning about this particular artist is that it is relating to other areas that they are learning. In geometry lessons Ken and DJ are learning about lines. They were so excited about identifying the difference between vertical and a horizontal lines. It is awesome when I see that they are making connections. Also Michelle was intrigued by finding the balance in his art. Intrigued enough that she is working hard on duplicating one of Mondrian's work so that she can clearly see balance. I tried to point out to her how he created balance with primary colors, lines and the color white. It wasn't enough. Good for her, right? I guess she isn't going to just take my word for it . I always admired a skeptic!

 I found the coloring pages that they are using at Making Art Fun. We explored some jazz music as we looked at pictures of his art work.

They saw all sorts of things going on in Mondrian's painting Broadway, Boogie Woogie. DJ saw robots playing a video game, Michelle saw streets of cars, and Ken saw lots of gas station pumps. It is stuff like this that makes me appreciate how special childhood really is. It took a couple minutes for me to get my thoughts together to tell them what I saw. I am blessed to be able to be in their presence it would be sad if all I saw was blue, yellow and red.                                                                        


  1. I love your children's interpretation of "Broadway, Boogie Woogie"!

  2. I like how you combined their geometry studies with their art studies.


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