Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Sunday News- 2016: Obama's America

I made a big mistake in ordering the movie 2016: Obama's America Love Him, Hate Him. Now You Know Him.  For some reason I thought this documentary would be truthful.  I can go on Facebook to find opinions everyday on anything. You know Like this, Like that :) It can be fun, because I know I am dealing with someones opinion that I can appreciate whether I agree or disagree.

 Their goal was to prove that President Obama is reliving his father's dream. They are referring to President Obama's book he wrote about his father. I really want my money back!!  I don't have time to support someones negative target based on their own theories without any documentation to support it.

 It is a great disservice to new voters to have to dig so deep for the facts and always have to deal with people's opinions to help them understand  how to learn to vote. What I was looking for the first time I voted was what positions does the candidate have on Education? Jobs? Economy? The important stuff!

It is becoming more important to me everyday to able to talk to my children so that they are able to determine fact vs opinion so that when they become of age to vote they will be able to vote for the candidate that best represents their positions on various topics, and not base it on a political party affiliation, or most importantly just vote for someone because I AM.

 We have been reading this book while we sort through various campaign ads, and editorials in the newspaper. It is a fun read, and it leads kids in a wonderful way to learn to question respectively what they are reading and being told. I highly recommend it, especially if you have a child who loves to ask why. This might become their favorite book.
One of my goals for my children as they grow into adults is to be able to be a voter that votes with confidence and knowledge because they have done their own research!.

Valuing other people's opinions is so important! ! I just like it best when someone lets me know that it is indeed their opinion and not hide behind false statements.


  1. Could you give some specific examples from the film? I saw the film, but I knew going in that it wasn't going to be favorable to Obama. I also didn't learn anything I hadn't already heard before. Dinesh D'Souza was respected by the media for years, has best sellers, and I had never heard a bad word about him until he made it known he didn't care for Barack Obama. I can't think of anything glaring from the film, but it has been over a month since I saw it.

    The course Art of Argument from Classical Academic Press has a lot of lessons about identifying fallacies in advertisements and political ads. It's a middle school level. If you haven't checked it out you should give it a look.

    1. I wasn't upset by D'Souza dislike for Obama, it was how he tried to persuade others even in the film. You can tell that he was looking for and reaching for things that weren't even of importance or an existence, for example when he was trying to convince Obama's brother that Obama should be helping him in Kenya. I didn't like that D'Souza stereotyped voters who voted for Obama that they did this just because he was an African American. Something that I find offensive as a African American meaning if I did vote for Obama I did it just because he is an African American and not because he could be qualified for the job. Which concludes that even though since he was voted in the name of "democracy" that Americans in general are lacking the knowledge to vote. And yes there wasn't anything new to me and that was another reason why I wanted my money back:) He used a lot of other people's opinions and left the viewer to have to find out if it was all true. Not good for those who just jump on bandwagons!!

    2. I am going to also look into the book you recommended too.


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