Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Write To Read, Read To Learn: Language Link Up

With Write Shop DJ has been learning to write with humor. It has been interesting to see how his love for writing stories with humor has developed. One thing he has been doing to really bring his characters alive in his story is making Character Sketches.

 After brainstorming what his story would be about he started writing using lots of adjectives. His story is very humorous and I wanted to know what his characters actually looked like to him. I proposed The Flying High suggestion that was in the Write Shop manual for him to make some Character Sketches.

 He loved this idea and went right to work. The main character in the story is Coach our family pet. DJ took the suggestion a step further and wrote a brief description about the character.                                                              
 Here is another character in the story who happens to be his cousin. He did not draw a portrait of how Zaria looks, but of the character Zaria in his book.  

Doing Character Sketches has taken DJ's writing to another level. His once one page story is turning into a great book with funny characters and a great plot.

  DJ is still working hard on his book and character sketches and is coming up with new ideas to add to the book everyday.

If you have done any language activities with children please share and link up below. I am eager to learn and read language activities involving children of all ages. Past post or new language related postings are welcomed. Please leave a link back to here in your post so your readers can find this awesome collection of language activities. Thank you!!    


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