Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Liquid Measurements

In math this week DJ began a study of liquid measurements. He enjoyed this fun introduction and I was glad that it is a topic that we will be covering this year. In the kitchen he has ample time to apply his skills, on the other hand I found it very helpful for DJ to be taught these skills as a specific math lesson.

We started the lesson off by finding the answer to how many ounces are in one cup.
After making eight trips to fill the cup up by ounces he concluded that it takes 8 ounces to make a cup of water.                                                                            
 I then wrote an equation on the board and asked him to check which equation was written true about his findings. He loved this part and I knew that writing the equation down would pull him in.    

 We continued on following the same method until we got to quarts.

  DJ then began exploring on his own.                                                                                                                                                      



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  1. so nice to see on the pictures that your kids are so interested in learning.
    have a ggod day and thanks for sharing.


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