Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Becoming An Editor Champion: Language Link Up

Editing and Revising has become a welcoming task for all the kids this year. They don't look at it as chore:) Learning the writing process has really helped them to accept that it is just what good writers must do. When they write in their personal journals they are free to leave their writing as is. However they are on the path to accepting that if they want other people to understand what they are writing, editing and revising are necessary steps to becoming a best selling author( which is one of Michelle's career goals).

Write Shop has helped me to show them how to do this in a very neat way. Every new lesson begins with making a Fold 'n' Go. Lesson 2, DJ made a Editing and Revising Folder that has been used by him daily.

 It is a wonderful reference tool that he can grab and quickly get to the proofreading marks, and anything that else he needs to revise .

 Here is an example of a writing  that DJ was working on editing and revising while I was taking the picture.
   They all use different checklist to help them make sure what to look for in their work.  

It is fun watching them become Editing Detectives, and they love it when they have completed this and move on to revising and then celebrate by publishing their work.

The editing and revising has improved their writing in all of their subjects. They make sure that they do this while sentences are dictated to them, while working on making business fliers, and research work.

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  1. I wish I had something good to link up, but we have hardly done squat this week with all of us being sick. I am glad you like Write Shop - we reviewed it and it was okay at the time. I might have to revisit it!

  2. I hope everyone feels better real soon! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


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