Saturday, October 20, 2012

How A Chemistry Lesson Turned Into Making A Easy Snack Treat

During our first lab it called for the kids to investigate chemicals found in cereal. This led to DJ finding a quick recipe on the back of the box. He loves Fruity Pebbles!!                   
 I guess he enjoys eating them more than reading what is on the box, so it surprised him to see a recipe on the box.
The recipe calls for butter, marshmallows and a box of  Fruity Pebbles.
 We happened to have the bag of marshmallows because in one of our upcoming labs it requires marshmallows and I like to get all of the supplies I need for a lesson for the month so I won't forget about them when we need them.
 All DJ needed to do was measure some butter, melt the butter using the microwave, add in the marshmallows, melt the marshmallows using the microwave, and then

add in the cereal . Last thing he had to to do was mix and then place in a pan to cool.

  He enjoyed making the treats, but they were too sweet for his liking. DJ says he just likes Fruity Pebbles for cereal he won't be adding in any other chemicals again:)                                                                          


  1. Just discovered your blog through Pinterest. I've now been sitting here for over an hour perusing all your post. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning:) I'll be back often. ~Alida

    1. Thank you and Welcome to our journey!! I definitely enjoy sharing!!


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