Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Keeping It Real

My kids know me very well! I think after Sunday night they could of seen this coming. Today was one of those days that I just had enough!! Enough of the bickering that has carried over from Sunday's free time. Enough of the classroom looking like a tornado has ran through it during independent work time. Enough!!

I am a stickler for things being put away when it is not being used. I am border lined OCD when it comes to stuff on the floor. Stuff like pencils, pieces of paper, anything that can be seen by the eye. It bothers me to see anyone walk over garbage and not pick it up.

During our Write Shop time we were about to do the Model and Teach activity. I simply asked for them to pick up the stuff on the floor. Ken and DJ wanted to argue about whose stuff it was on the floor. Since I had smoke coming out of my ears I decided to write an assignment for copy work.

  I asked them to copy this twenty times.  Do you see my grammar mistake?  I didn't until I looked at the picture. The kids noticed it, but corrected the mistake on their paper without ever saying anything to me.

After looking over their consequence   assignment. The tone of the school day changed and I haven't had to tell anyone to pick up any stuff off the floor. Now since they have bonded over this work, they are best buds again:)  At least for this moment.

A few lessons I learned or was reminded of; Don't write anything I want the kids to copy when I am upset. I have the power to set the tone in our home, use it wisely and with caution.                                                                                                                      


  1. That sounds like me! About the only time I "lose it" is when there are toys and junk on the floor in my kids' rooms. I am currently trying to work on controlling my emotional reaction and modeling how to sort through all those little things. And praying that one day my kids will grasp the concept of everything having its place.: )

  2. Wow! I felt as if I was reading something I myself wrote, it really helps to know it is not just me. I often feel as if I am the only one with a not so perfect family. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. Moms!!! I just love that your kids noticed and fixed the mistake in their assignments! Smart!

  4. I agree with the others - sounds like something I would have done (and have done many times ;) ). My son though still has the nerve to point out my mistake and grumble about fixing it, even when he KNOWS I'm at my limit AND he's already "in trouble". How wonderful there are children in this world who keep quiet about it ;)

  5. So relieved that I am not the only one!! I had one of these moments yesterday.


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