Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Write to Read, Read to Learn: Language Linky

Another cool thing about the Sentence Analysis work that I purchased from Alison's Montessori is the workbooks that are included. After working with the Picture Cards, I gave them an opportunity to use their knowledge identifying the subject and the predicate.

The lessons were very concrete and I feel confident in saying that they know how to identify the subject and predicate in a sentence.

  Ken finally used our new box of Grammar Symbols to complete another concrete lesson in learning the subject and a predicate.                                                                          

 Using a set of prepared sentence strips, and a roll of paper Ken wrote the sentence out.
 Then she cut the words apart to identify the parts of speech, which led to finding out that a subject is a noun, and a predicate is a verb.

Slam Dunk!!                                    

Please share any language activities past or present in the Linky below. Please link back to this post so that your readers and others can find this awesome collection of language activities.



  1. I really enjoyed this post! I really liked the explanation of how you do it.

  2. Fellow crew member stopping by to say "hi." I am following your blog now. Stop by A Learning Journey if you get a chance. I love your grammar symbol box! I want to create or buy one for Alyssa. I love Montessori work! I have a post on the multiplication bead board you might be interested. Take care!


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