Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time Line of Life: Detailed Exploration

Right now the kids are doing a Detailed Exploration of the Time Line of Life. They have absorbed the first row of the chart. Now they continue to analyze in detail the periods listed on the second row.

We have learned where the names of the periods derived from.
We continue to take in lots of information about mountains, volcanoes, ice glaciers and ocean levels.
By matching the die cuts using the mute chart everything has fallen into place.  A lot of the Time Line of Life information is new knowledge to me as well. We have enjoyed this time in history and we are going to learn this one day at a time. I couldn't imagine doing another Great Lesson yet, it is just so much we are discovering.  Their questions have been on topic and we are living in the now with this work.

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  1. They have been doing a lot of work with that timeline. Thanks for linking up.


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