Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Curriculum Choices For 2011-2012

I finally was able to make a decision of what our curriculum will be for this school year!

We will be using the Montessori Method for all subjects. I found albums that I totally understood everything in the presentations from point A to Z. The elementary albums that I found cover everything but music. The albums were created by Bridgitt, they can be found on the blog Learning Together To Be Joyful, Natural & Peaceful. Please let me know if you are aware of a music album, I love having everything spelled out for me.
We  also have a daily rhythm that we were inspired to create by various Waldorf blogs. We are taking a few concepts from this style of teaching. We will use main lesson books, a lot of our practical life shelves will consist of Waldorf handworks. We are anxious to try our hands at all the things that Waldorf has to offer with the start of our school year. DJ is really anxious to get at woodworking to make some toys. The girls can't wait to try their hands at at some fairies and doll making. I love that the daily rhythm will get us to at least routinely do some cooking together and guide them to be able to cook independently on their own. I have been a major slacker in the cooking department, and it is now time for me to step up my game. For extra help in this new style of learning that is so fitting for my kids as far as storytelling, practical life skills I purchased the September Learning Guide from Little Acorn Learning I plan on purchasing these for every month. Nature walks will become a routine, the guide also introduces us to some new celebrations that will be sure to keep our homeschooling time fun.

We love to read! So I purchased curriculums from Moving Beyond The Page Ages 9-11 and Ages 10-12. It is based on reading literature and going in depth while learning in all subject areas. My kids are use to this type of learning they really enjoy it and our reading time will be done one on one and the activities that go along with the books look exciting so far so good. It also includes a list of spelling words for the week.

For Physical Education we will continue with Taekwondo two days a week. One day being a Saturday morning. It has proven to be a great motivator for all three children. With TaeKwonDo I am learning that it is a foreign language immersion program as well. Since starting in July my children have learned to count to eight in Korean, as well as various phrases. They practice without prompting and use the phrases when ever appropriate.

Thank you to Erica who writes the very resourceful blog Confessions Of A Homeschooler we are using The Worlds Greatest Artist Vol 1 for artist study and using the book Form Drawing for Beginners by Donna Simmons.

DJ has been independently learning how to play the snare drum, and the bells(not the montessori bells). Ken has taken up the ukelele, and Michelle the violin. I will make materials availiable to them when needed, and I will add composer of the month as soon as I can find the right resource for this.

Confession, I use to be a curriculum junkie until I discovered the montessori method. Another note I am making all materials that dosen't involve me losing a finger. I don't have to buy everything new to give my kids the materials they need to carry out a lesson. If I cannot make it, and the cost is too high for the budget I will find another way to do it!  Even the Five Great Lessons materials that I have been drooling over for the past weeks. There I said it Less is More.


  1. Awesome! I cant wait to see what you do! Keep posting!

  2. I can't wait! Here, in Croatia the school year begins on September 5th.
    I like the title of your new blog :-)

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Leptir, I hope your school year starts out just how you want it to! Can't wait to read your future postings. Thank you for your wonderful blog:)


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