Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The Studio: Warning!! Dissecting Kits

We are having lots of fun preparing activities for children who come to the studio. The ages range from preschool through high school, so there are a wide range of activities that will be available. Since I read some awesome blogs and have three children of my own I never run out of inspiration. The tricky part for me is offering the activity at the right moment.

One of the activities that will be offered is a chance to do some dissecting. I know a few homeschooling mamas that are going to be happy that their child can just come by the Studio and fulfill some biology requirements. Or if they have children like me who absolutely love anything science then it is going to be fun times to have this activity available without the hassling of ordering and cleaning up the mess at home:)

You would of thought the postman delivered a million dollars when the kids opened the box.

   I ordered the dissecting kits and extra preserved specimens from Home Science Tools 

                                                                  A Cow's Eye

All three of them are looking on You Tube right now, preparing for their future dissection. According to them they have to do this so they can assist me if I need help at the Studio with another child.  Fun times!                                


  1. What awesome children you have!

    Just to put in a plug if it's ok (I make ZERO money off of this! it is just for the help of homeschoolers) - those people following AMI elementary albums (I can't speak for AMS and others because they are all so different!) can order their geography and biology science CORE supplies at Home Science Tools for a 10% discount. Just do a quick search on their site for "Montessori" and it pops right up :)

  2. Great News Jessica! I wish I would of known about the discount there were other things I wanted to purchase and this discount would of allowed me to do so. It is good that more homeschooling companies are offering materials needed to follow the AMI albums. We homeschoolers always love a discount. Thank you for sharing and I always appreciate the plug when it is going to save me money:)


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