Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cereal Again?

One of things that still is being worked out is what to eat for breakfast before we live for the Studio. Also what to pack for lunch, or how should we pack our lunches. Sounds easy, but not for a family who hasn't had to leave the house for work in over ten years.

Well pancakes are what has been on the menu this week and it has been been done in a easy and independent way for the kids, so I can get dress without any interruptions and sleep a couple of minutes longer. LOL. Why is pancakes worth writing a post about? Really it isn't about pancakes. We were strolling through Meijers and Ken spotted a pancake maker on sale for just $6.25. 


I thought how perfect size this is and how DJ wouldn't be intimidated by the flames on the stove, and in the cart the pancake maker went.


This week it solved the cold breakfast dilemma.

They are coming up with new pancake recipes, but for now it is instant pancake mix because we have to start somewhere right. This should last for awhile:)

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