Monday, December 2, 2013

Logic Play Book

I found a gem of a game that was lost in our homeschooling artillery. It is a fun game that is packed with logic puzzles for ages 10- adult. I am pretty sure that someone younger could play the game, maybe they may need some assistance with reading or solving the puzzle, it still would be worth it to play. What is really cool about this is that it can be played independently or as a game with others.


There are three different levels. All of us have been risky choosing different levels. It is exciting and definitely falls under the playful learning category. The kids describe it as a brain builder, I agree!


They have even went as far as making a Logic Play Book, writing down the explanations to the puzzle. I love it whenever they make their own copy work.

The brain building game goes wherever we go. The kids enjoyed sharing this game with family members on Thanksgiving. This logic game has been a great material to add to our daily resources.

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