Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Five: Advanced Practical Life Edition

I am joining in with Lori at Montessori MoMents for Friday's Five. This week Lori's theme is Practical Life. You can join in too, and your Friday Five doesn't have to be about Practical Life if you are inspired to share your Friday Five about something else.

I absolutely love all things Practical Life, there truly isn't one work in this area that wouldn't make this list. However, I am going to accept the challenge and narrow it down to five. These Practical Life activities are my children's list of their five most favorite works.

1. DJ absolutely loves Woodworking. Once he is into a project he may even miss a meal, which says a lot for this kid.

2. Baking is Michelle's favorite thing to do. I love how she has even created her own recipes and her decorating skills are improving every time she bakes. 

3. Sewing is one of Ken's favorite past times. She has been keeping her foot on the pedal all Summer long!

4. Learning how to use dissection tools. Oh boy!

  5. LEGO building. My girls have even been enjoying using LEGOS and following those directions in the manuals. The model above had three manuals involved. Have you ever tried to build a LEGO creation with over 1000 pieces? It is no small feat. Michelle has been using some of DJ's LEGO skills to create animations.                                                  

Well there you have it the kids Favorite Five Practical Life activities. Thank you Lori for hosting!  I have been trying to find a way to jump back into blogging and this theme was just perfect.

Have a great weekend everyone!                                 


  1. Thank you for linking up and sharing your Advanced Practical Life Skill. I love seeing what's in our future! I can totally see Asher and John Robert building in the garage. I might actually make them a little work bench right now. You've inspired me! We do LOTS of LEGOs too. They are so great for fine motor, creativity and early engineering. I love them. {Except when I step on them in the dark...then, not so much.}

  2. I love this! If I had all the time in the world, cake decorating would be something I'd try.

  3. I should check out that blog/link up, two of the blogs I read linked up this week.


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