Monday, August 19, 2013

Friday Five: Science Edition

I know it's Monday, but better late than never right? Again I am linking up with Lori at Montessori MOMents for her Friday Five: Science Edition.

In no particular order of favorites here we go!

1. We absolutely love our TK2 scope.


2. Our anatomy models are used a lot! Right now we are studying Forensic Odontology so the Teeth Model is getting a lot of attention.

3. Books! We especially like the DK series of science books.

4. Computer programming with the LEGO MindStorms NXT. They are learning much more than robotics.

5. Our Timeline of Life. The kids have managed to use this timeline for more than a year's worth of zoology studies, and currently are using it to challenge or agree with theories on evolution.

We are a science loving family so please note that our list could go on and on :)

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