Thursday, April 11, 2013

Got Books?


The first thing that was a necessity to give the kids a jump start to schooling after their break was a trip to the library. Here are a few pics of their books they chose to check out.

The history buff who loves all things that contradict the feminist perspective chose a book about the history of Barbie. I think this book was inspired by some Barbie play her and Ken was involved in over Spring break. I love the fact that Michelle's social and emotional skills are what is expected of a fifteen year old, but she indulges in doll and barbie play often.  In the past Michelle has done research on the effects of what Barbie may have on little girls, she lives to defy the odds.
 She also picked out some polymer clay project books.

Ken the lover of all things theatrical chose books around this theme.
 She also checked out a biography of the Berenstain siblings and several Berenstain Bears picture books.

DJ picked animal books of course. DJ has a personal goal to read all of the animal books in the library available in the children's section.

We also checked out some cool history books that I will share with you all later.

In the meantime school has been looking pretty much like this.
 It is a season for workbooks right now. The kids have found a lot of workbooks that they are attracted to while sorting through my learning materials.

 This book was intended to be used by Michelle ages ago. DJ has fallen in love with the picture study and copy work in this workbook.

Right now I have only required language arts, math and product review materials to be done daily, since we are busy with the starting up the studio. I am so blessed with three kiddos that happily learn independently while chasing their own rabbit trails. Life is good and I am so blessed!!                                                          

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