Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old School

The kids were playing and Ken was telling DJ where his car went that he was racing she said " It is under there." DJ didn't hear her clearly and said "It is underwear?" They were laughing their pants off and while they were laughing I was reminded of a fun game that I was introduced to in elementary school.`


It has been fun watching them all come up with words that will work. I was thrilled to be able to take advantage of this teachable moment.

For the life of me I cannot remember what this type of word play is called. Did you play this game at home or school? If so do you know the proper name of this word play?


  1. YES! I totally remember those! But, no :(, I don't remember what they are called.

  2. I should have googled first. They are called Rebus puzzles. Lots of fun!!

  3. I remember these! I am pretty sure I have several pages of this sort of stuff in my (sealed) school box. I have one box left from all my years in the public school system and it is wrapped up in tape with notes all over it - "open only in a homeschool crisis" - we've not hit that stage yet, SO..... Hm.

    I do remember things like this one:

    24 h/d
    60 m/h
    (I remember having a page in 4th grade with about 50 of these - our teacher timed us to see how many we could solve - he was a GREAT teacher and really got us thinking).

    Another one we did was following a set of instructions with writing your name at the top of the paper, reading all the instructions, and see who actually FOLLOWED the proper set of instructions. And then to listen to everyone's explanations about which set they had followed and why.

    ... Now I'm tempted to open that box... ;)

    1. Fun stuff! I am not encouraging a homeschool crisis:) but that box sounds really intriguing.

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