Monday, April 8, 2013

Not Bad For The First Day Back

Since I moved their Montessori materials over to the Studio Ken and DJ were left to be innovators this morning regarding their schooling. Initially we were going to do school in the morning three times a week at the Studio, but based on the children who have scheduled preschool in the mornings three times a week is what is going on for the preschool. So it is still up in the air if the materials will stay or go, but we are at the Studio every afternoon. I  know the real answer! I just am not in the mood to move the materials again, but I am sure one of them will inspire me to bring them back home:)

 For maths today DJ did division word problems and did a great job of illustrating his work.                                                                     
 Ken spent a great deal of time with a work from Math by Hands.
She researched  information about Pascal and begin constructed her own model of Pascal's Triangle.

We got back to reading our chapters aloud in The Egypt Game, and they also finished up their rough drafts following their Write Shop outline. A little bit of Spanish work was done as well.

We are getting closer to Grand Opening Day of the Project Based Learning Studio. Here are a few pics that shows a little bit of progress. I am sure I will be rearranging as soon as materials finally start arriving. 


We are still sorting through a lot of materials we already had. I change my mind a lot where everything is going to be, so I will not name the areas yet.  
    DJ practicing his answering the telephone skills.        

So this Studio is a place that children who are between the ages of 3-17 can come and complete projects of their own or purchase project kits that I have put together for sale. The materials that are accessible to them on the shelves range from art, science, geography, woodworking, sewing, video camera equipment, musical instruments, dress-up, cosmetology and cooking.materials. I am also hosting birthday parties as well as parent/child preschool classes two days a week in the morning. I have been getting plenty of calls from  local homeschoolers, and those who have schoolagers to see if they can come without a parent. If the child is six and above yes they can attend without a parent. I had one parent scream thank you to me while we were on the phone. Apparently her kids love projects but mom will love for them to make a mess at the studio instead, and maybe attend to other chores while they are in attendance at the Studio. All of this may sound busy, but we are having a whole lot of fun!!

Please excuse any outrageous grammar errors. I finally started texting and the side effects are bad! Also when I tend to teach a child the parts of speech I tend to start making mistakes with regarding that type of speech. Last week I introduced the article, and I have made every mistake that child has made. I'll get it right, I guess when they get it right. LOL. Can anyone else relate to this?


  1. Cant wait to see how the studio turns out! It is awesome that your kids are involved so much in this venture. I am sure that they will learn so much more than any schooling that they could ever do!!! Can you open a branch in the south of the state where I live?!!!!

  2. If money wasn't a issue I would love to have a Studio in the south of the state:)

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!!

  3. What a lovely space!! I cant wait to see the final result!! Love to see everybody involved! Soo cool! Im back!LOL. Big hugs!!!

  4. I can't wait to hear how you decided a complete change at the last minute!! You are much better at last minute decisions then I am :). Love your ideas!

  5. How so exciting!!! Legoboy and I were just in your area for 2 weeks, so we won't be back again for a few months (although my youngest sister is about to have a baby (any day now!) so I might try to make a visit happen again soon regardless of gas prices!); by then, you'll have everything in place and we'll have to come visit! (if that's ok with you of course ;) ).


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