Friday, April 19, 2013

"Why Can't We All Just Get Along"- Rodney King 1991

I don't believe that any of my kids know the story of Rodney King. It is a part of history that we haven't yet talked about for many reasons, mostly being it hasn't ever been brought up by anyone of them. Unfortunately they do know that there is violence in this world, and right now they are at the point in their lives that they want to know what causes violence, what causes wars.  Sometimes I am able to come up with a response, not entirely appropriate. For example the devastation that happened at Sandy Hook. I was so upset that I responded by saying sometimes people are just crazy, and people can be evil. They know for sure that any crime that happens against a child just makes me an emotional wreck. They have witnessed me on my best behavior when two children are not getting along and another may have hit another child. They have also witnessed hearing this momma's roar when a family member had put their hands on one of them. Sigh! I am just sharing a little more about me so that you can follow this story a little better. So no my life isn't perfect, and sometimes it has fallen beneath normal. However I am a non- violent person even though unfortunately I have been a victim of repeat violence in more than one way.
The other day while DJ was working with the toobs of The American Revolution Figures. I observed him acting out a bit of the war. I remained silent because I didn't want to interrupt his focus, or jump to conclusions.  After about a minute of two I heard him reciting some of the Bill of Rights.

 There was other things going on around me too which made me get a bit distracted so I wasn't able to pay as close attention as I wanted to. I snapped this picture and then the words rolled out of his mouth " Why can't we all just get along".

In a matter of one second he announced a truce and then the Colonist and the British Soldiers were hugging. Of course my heart was smiling and most importantly I just witnessed right before my eyes with my son how blessed we are to have been afforded the knowledge of Cosmic Education.

I can say how beautiful I have been as a mom, and how great of a role model I have been for them. But the truth is I am not perfect and don't close to being a perfect mother.  I did make one great decision that I will never regret and that was bringing Cosmic Education into their lives. It is the Peace Education that was created by Dr. Maria Montessori that has been the best thing yet. None of the materials that I have ever shared with you can compare to this, and I will be forever grateful for God sending me in the right direction in finding the Montessori Method.  Incorporating Cosmic Education into my children lives has even lead them to want to know God!

If you are ever in doubt that your curriculum isn't working, that maybe your children should be in school, or that your children shouldn't be in school I strongly encourage you to pick up this book ( it is out of print but your library may have it, it is available for a free download here) and pray.

This again is just a testimony of how this single parent mother has had success in our family, no two families are the same, but I think we all share this commonality that we want peace, and want our children to peaceful and to grow up to become peaceful adults.

 "Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education," Maria Montessori       
Yes people nasty violent generations of vicious cycles are being broken and being replaced with the future of healthy peaceful people, at this very moment.                    


  1. I think tolerance for all is one of the biggest messages I want to give to my children. I want them to embrace differences in the peoples and cultures of the world. We are studying the Holocaust now, and it is a very emotional period in history to study. My dear Quentin could not understand how they could do that to people and we talked about the fact that there is evil in the world. He didn't realize that evil really existed. He thought in all of our discussions about it that I had been talking about this theoretical evil, not that it actually existed. I thought it was wonderful that his life has in some ways been so untouched by evil that he had this opinion, but it also showed that even though we think we are covering topics, it isn't always the case that they are taking them in. Things like the Rodney King case are so hard for me to even hear about, however, because I am so sensitive to such topics. It is important to cover them, however, isn't it?

  2. I know when I was first was learning about the Holocaust it challenged my idea of who exactly is removed from violence, mostly I thought it only happened to black people who were in slavery and then my 7th grade teacher shared the story of Ann Frank, from that moment on I could no longer feel sorry for myself and realized how awful so many people could be, regardless of their upbringing sometimes unfortunate circumstances changes the lives of millions.

    What a blessing to know that Quentin has been protected from seeing the ugly face of violence. It is always a sensitive topic to discuss with children and adults as well. The truth and the right time(whenever it reveals itself) is my best way to go about teaching the wrongs to my three.

    Unfortunately we have to teach it because if we don't learn about the past we are deemed to repeat it. I think I learned this quote from some famous historian, can't think of who right now.

    Thank you for taking the time to share, it is really helpful to me to hear how other mothers go about teaching their children the negative part of our world. You spoke very well to me when you shared about tolerance. Yes tolerance is something I should be teaching my children too!

  3. You say that you're not a perfect mom, but I say that you are! Your sweet children provide the proof! Thanks for putting Bethany's button on your blog! It means so much to me that you care!

  4. What a great story about DJ and a challenging post! I downloaded the book. I incorporate basic peace skills into my classroom and family life, but I think there is more that I could be doing.

  5. You are an AMAZING MOM!!! As Sylvia says, Your sweet children provide the proof!!! and the ones that read your blog, like me, know that you are just a beautiful, sweet, and loving mom and an a wonderful and incredible human being!!! Lots of hug!!

  6. Thank you ladies for sharing so many positive comments!

  7. I agree that your children are the evidence of the wonderful work that you do! They need to see examples of apologizing and moving on when things don't go perfectly, too, so as far as I'm concerned, perfection shouldn't be the goal anyhow. I am so inspired by the way you balance your passions with such a heartfelt support of theirs, and do it all as a single mom. You're pretty amazing!

    1. Thank you! I am also blessed to have met you through blogging!!


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