Monday, September 19, 2011

Grammar Bingo: Montessori Monday

In an effort to get my kids more motivated to do grammar work. I came across a fun game of Grammar Bingo at the website This game definetly served its purpose,and we will be continuing to do these types of activities. What I loved most about it is it reinforced the meaning of the Montessori Grammar Symbols. This game also got my two kiddos to want to diagram sentences.

                              How I set it up for game play.

You pick a card that is facing down and you find all of the words that are associated with that part of speech.
 Along the way we sorted the cards, which led to how much fun diagramming sentences can be.

  When you get three in a row, you call out Bingo.                        

They're hooked!! I am so glad there are many other game cards that reinforce other parts of speech on the website.

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  1. What a great grammar game! I love the way you added actual objects for the grammar symbols. They make the game much more appealing. Thanks so much for linking this up with Montessori Monday ... love having activities for older kids, too! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page.

  2. The Princess and the Tot- Thank you for stopping by. Yes. this is a fun game.

    Deb- Thank you for sharing this post. I am always on the lookout for older kids' activities myself.

  3. I may need to try that with the older children I tutor. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fantastic game idea! Your children appear to be loving it as well! I have always thought the Montessori method of teaching grammar was brilliant :)

  5. Tag!

  6. Thank you ladies for the comments! They game is really a lot of fun. Trust me I played a few rounds myself.

    Evenspor- I guess I have to put on my thinking cap:)

  7. It sure looks like you had a lot of fun! Its great to find another blog with stuff for the older kids! I have been getting things together for the start of our Grammar lessons, this is a great idea, thanks for sharing!


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