Sunday, September 25, 2011

Starting A Business:Montessori Monday

Getting my kids to read and write isn't a hard thing to get them to do. Math is a whole different matter! I noticed that when they are allowed to choose their math work, they always choose math work that they have already mastered. That is cool to a certain extent, repetition is a good thing. Math is something they are definetly going to need to know to be successful  if they truly want to become independent individuals. Math is especially important if you want to own your own business. Entrepreneurs are exactly what my kiddos want to be! Thank goodness!! They all want different kind of businesses as they grow older, but for now they have agreed to own and operate a School Store. I allowed them to make decisions in every way. I agreed to be a private investor and offer them a start up cost of $30.00 interest free ( they haven't got a clue yet about what I meant by interest free, something I am waiting to present at a later date:) Didn't charge them mileage (another trick to present some more math skills:) and took them to the local Dollar Stores, and Target dollar section, everything else they needed to use was on hand. Well now I want to present to you the highlight of their homeschool week the opening of the school store.

                                The sign for the school store.

                                     Pricing the merchandise.
                                                      Doing store inventory

                                             First customers!!       

                                              Closing shop

The first day after the opening of the store they learned about supply and demand. All the boys wanted to buy snakes, but they sold out after the first three customers. They realized they didn't have receipts to help with matching inventory sold to what was left.  Most importantly Ken and DJ are enjoying learning math skills that they have been avoiding. By the way they made a whopping $10.50 on there first day of opening. Real Life, Real Money make  super exciting math lessons. To see other children learning inspired by the Montessori Method please visit One Hook Wonder and Living Montessori Now for Montessori Monday.                                                                                                                                                


  1. Hi there, I just found your site through Montessori Monday and will be following! Love this idea you came up with to have the girls start a store.

  2. What a great practical application of Math. I too struggle with having my oldest choose appropriately challenging work at the elementary level. We do better with a little more guidance in the form of Montessori themed assignments for math

  3. Sheila- Thank you for following us on our homeschooling adventures. I love to hear from you whenever you have the time.

    Patty- The kids enjoyed reading your comment!!

    Heidi_ Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me!

  4. This is great! It looks like your kids are having lots of fun - and learning lots at the same time! It's great to have Montessori elementary ideas linked up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page.

  5. Found your blog via Montessori Monday.
    What a cool way to learn maths!!

    I loved doing this as a kid and I'll be saving this idea for later


  6. Deb- Thank you so much for featuring this post. I Love Montessori Monndays!

    Jessica- Math can be cool! I also loved starting my own businesses when I was a child too. Thank you for following along with us.

  7. LOVE IT! It's wonderful to see how you're so receptive to your children's true inner needs. Math is only useful if it can be applied to everyday life - and you've definitely found a way to help them apply it. Good for you!

  8. Wow! What a great idea! I love that you thought outside the box! Math is super important and I can think of a better more hands on way to teach it! Thanks for sharing! I will be pinning this idea on pintrest so that I can remember where it is when Bunny get older!

  9. Was that 10.50 profit, after paying you back?

  10. Anonymous- They wish:) No it was just how much money they made in merchandise.

  11. Oh, I want to open my own shop. Your kids are having so much fun.


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