Friday, September 9, 2011

Starting The School Year Right: Weekly Wrap Up

So far, So good! Everything has been going according to plan. We were more than ready to start the school year so everyone was ready to eat breakfast and get to work. DJ and Ken were working everyday by 8:00a.m I expected them to start later. I can't tell you enough about how meeting the evening before one on one created such a wonderful way to begin the next morning. At our meeting we created a Daily Work Plan that outlined works that would be done, materials needed and goals for the day, they loved this a lot.

 They begin working with the curriculum Moving Beyond The Page on Thursday. Ken is reading the book The Wanderer it is the chapter book that goes along with Concept 1: Enviroment and Cycles.

Ken was introduced to simple/compound subject and simple/compound predicate sentences. It was fun watching her throughout the day creating new sentences and identifying the parts. Ken is also enjoying the book, she has read four chapters. The book is about a girl whose dreams come true to sail the oceans.         

DJ has learned a whole lot of new vocabulary through poetry. The book below goes along with Concept 1: Relationships. He has also enjoyed finding the different patterns in the poems.

Getting pictures of the children during their Montessori work time has been hit or miss. I am glad to to be able to share the ones I do have.

                 Labeling the United States Puzzle Map.

 Working with Phases of the Moon three part cards. Availiable at Montessori Print Shop.

Making a Power Point Presentation of Landforms.

                                          Parts of the leaf.

    Labeling the countries of North America with the Continent Puzzle Map.

     Using watercolors to illustrate landforms.

        Stamp game with two digit carrying addition problems (dynamic).

 A picture I wasn't going to pass up. Ken loving her new chore washing dishes!!

This was a wonderful week!Creating a rhythm was our goal this week, we did that and managed to learn a few things. Ken and DJ really were hard workers this week. To see other Weekly Wrap Ups visit Weird,Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. Wow! Looks like a good week with a lot of fun projects!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and reading about our week. I love both of your blogs!


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