Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Does The Moon Change?

Ken and DJ have been working diligently with the Phases of the Moon work. As a follow up activity we have been Moon Watching at night. I really want them to find the answer to the question all on their own. They are getting pretty close to answering, as Ken noticed she had to change the position of the telescope to find the moon about twenty minutes later into her moon watching session. I found a great moon calendar to see exactly what phase the moon is in. The resourceful book Montessori At Home by John Bowman had the link to the website Moon Connection. So I printed the calendar gave it to the kids and moon watching they went.

  The calendar was accurate because it said that it was in the phase Waxing Gibbous at 98% full.

The Moon looked exactly like the picture in the calendar. This is the best picture I could take of the moon with my camera. Moon watching is a truly calming activity to do with my children just before bedtime each night.                                                                   
 Now Ken is busy making her own moon calendar, and DJ has falling in love with the stars as well. He is really, really trying to find the planet Jupiter with the telescope. We discussed what names are given to full moons according to the month. This months' full moon is the Harvest Moon but sometimes in September it has been called the Corn Moon. The kids' are making connections they really are, in fact I think I will help them out a bit and add some bird watching into the mix next week.   

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  1. It's a cool shot. I look forward to when it will get dark enough here that my kids can see the moon and stars again. It's still pretty light when they go to bed.

  2. Thank you Ticia for stopping by! It is something we look forward to doing every night. We would enjoy some of the warm weather you guys have been having. It been cold enough here to turn back on the furnace.


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