Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 5 Hands-On Projects: Teaching Creatively Blog Hop

As promised, a post sharing about how we do Hands-On Projects.

This post is intended to be a part of the 5 Days of Teaching Creatively Blog Hop.


Even when my kids were babies I have fostered a Hands-On approach to learning. I can remember very clearly how Michelle would respond when I would read the beloved story Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Michelle would run around the house looking for things in the book to say goodnight to. It may not appear to be Hands-On, but indeed it was. Michelle would grab the book right out of my hand at a little under a year old, crawl as fast as she could to the window to say goodnight to the Moon. This treasured book helped her to discover our Moon, what mittens felt like, and  develop a rhythm of what happens during day/night. Since she is my oldest the love of acting out stories and sparking interest through Hands-On exploration has been my favorite way to get my kids involved in taking charge of their learning.

It was so exciting watching them present what their own interpretations were on the Presidential debates.

As long as it is Hands-On all three of them are ready to take on the job. It doesn't always have to be something that they can keep forever. Although every now and then they take pictures of their work.  

Some of their Hands-On projects become abandon.


  A lot of their projects have been ignited by the moment or whatever is their latest interest.
When they obtain great focus through their projects they are never ending, they create short /long term goals with determined end results. 






They all truly have their own interest led project themes. The same theme shows up in all of their independent research work as well. What I love most about the Hands-On approach is the encouragement of them finding their passion. 

Because you never know what makes you passionate about something until you can feel it.

They decided last summer that they didn't like being owners of a Lemonade Stand.
Now, they have chosen other careers paths that doesn't include squeezing lemons:)                                                   



  1. It was neat to see them each growing up with their own interests. We have been praying that all is going well with you guys and your new adventures.

  2. Love this! You are so inspiring, and the way your kids follow their passions is amazing.


  3. Thank you Phyllis and Melissa!

    We are all good. Life has thrown us a couple of lemons along the way, but when been able turn into lemonade:)

    I'll be back real soon with some updates!!

  4. From Kal-El:

    Dear Dj,

    I love the magic picture!

    From Me Too:

    We like magic too!

  5. Dear Kal-El and Me Too,

    Thank you so much!

    From DJ

    DJ was grinning ear to ear when he read your comments!

  6. wow I'm very impressed!!! Love the way the work with their likes!! and you follow them!!! So inspiring!!! as always!!


  7. You guys are so awesome and inspirational! We have been wanting to make a lemon battery too. Did you get a kit or was it a DIY project? Where did you get the stuff you needed?

  8. I love that Lemonade stand - Noodle would love to have that!


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