Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up; Winter Week 9

I had a busy week dealing with things outside of homeschool and I was very pleased that the kids stayed focused and they didn't need me for anything. With that being said there weren't any new presentations, just one of the best relaxed school weeks we had in a long time and we were even blessed with a snow day.

The Small Bead Frame has made it to the top of the list for one of their math materials to work with. They have saw and conquered  the four math processes and can't wait for me to add more geometry and perhaps fraction work on the shelf.
DJ has mastered the types of triangles work and is still making extensions that I believe could go on forever:)
 Lots of rounds of Divisibility Football has been played.

I am not sure whose work this is found it on the camera:) When I find pictures like this it lets me know that they are intentional with the work and are admiring it.              

There was more reading aloud than anything else. We are still reading The Egypt Game and have been reading books together about Socrates as well.                                                        

Caught Ken doing some Chinese Brush Painting.
 Also she spent a lot of time memorizing the books of the Bible. This was a work that she created on her own.                                                                            
If you have been reading this blog long enough then you already know there was definitively some cultural work going on.
Another photo that I found on camera from our Fundamental Needs of Man Set-Communication. I am assuming that DJ took this picture since I observed him working with them throughout the week.                                                              

                                               Human body research.                                                                            
                          Learning more about DNA.
                               Exploring Ancient Egypt.              

Ken wasn't up to any project work this week and I can't blame her. She has undergone plenty of boring, but needed testing at the urologist this week.                                                                                                                                                                    

Michelle has been busy perfecting her chocolate bars.
    DJ has taken over the school space with Legos:)

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  1. Oh such inspiring week! I always wait eagerly on Fridays to read your weekly wrap up posts. Love Ken's stylish beads! Also love the last picture of DJ and his intense look! Those chocolate bars look delicious!

  2. Those chocolate bars look perfect to me! I know I probably say this every week, but I am always impressed by both the variety of materials covered and by the enthusiasm of your students. A perfect combination!

  3. Wow!! thanks God it was relax!!LOL I LOVE IT!! Love all the great works, specially the Ancient Egypt!!!Soooo lovely!!! Great week kids!!!!

  4. Well, I love it all, but it makes me happy to see Ken memorizing the books of the Bible!! What are the numbers next to her books?

  5. I am forever in awe of the way your passionate children successfully follow their interests. It's obvious that the environment suits them perfectly!


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