Sunday, March 10, 2013

Delight-Directed Learning?

Today marks the kickoff of the 5 Days of Teaching Creatively Blog Hop, hosted by the School House Crew Review!

When I first decided to participate in this Blog Hop I had all sorts of blog post written in my head that I would be able to WOW you with as the days got closer, I have become a bit shy. One reason is that our homeschool takes on a life of its' own. I am learning not to call what we do any particular style. Everyday I try to incorporate the Montessori philosophy into our life and as a result it looks like this.

By starting their own popcorn business they improved their counting money skills, learned to accurately line up those decimal points, and how to budget a start up business. This has built up their confidence level in math. 

Not too long after their business was started that DJ was ready to conquer multiplication and Ken moved from concrete to abstract with Long Division.

The kids love geography and their inspiration to want to learn more about their world usually starts out with something like this.                                                                              

 This activity wasn't just geography related though, well you knew that since I mention that we incorporate the Montessori philosophy into our lives.

It also spilled over into a Practical Life activity for Ken.

   The next school day she began her work period dressed for success:)

History and sciences get covered the same way.


All three of them know how to make a book come alive. I mean they really know how to make you want to read it yourself.

     And who doesn't want chocolate?

It feels and looks kinda like Delight-Directed Learning, but I am not sure. See I am fairly new to this homeschooling thing, not close to being an expert. One thing is for sure Following The Child sure has made school a delightful thing to happen everyday, well most days:)



  1. "following the child" for sure makes for interesting learning doesn't it. :)

  2. I love seeing all that your children are doing. What a great education they are able to have by homeschooling. :)


  3. If anyone has a lot to say about teaching creatively, it's you!

  4. Sooo cool!!! love the popcorn business!!, the Egypt work, checkerboard!! everything was perfect ..... until the snake! ... lol sorry do not like them!!lol


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