Friday, March 15, 2013

Touch Math: A Schoolhouse Crew Review

We received a math program to review from Touch Math. Touch Math offers math programs from PreK- 2nd grade. We reviewed their First Grade math program.

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.There are four units that make up the First Grade Program the cost of each unit separately is $59.95. Mia and I were almost able to complete the first unit, Unit A: Adding and Subtracting Within 9

Unit A Covers
  • Counting to 120
  • Mastering Touch Points
  • Adding and Subtracting Within 5
  • Adding Within 9
  • Subtracting Within 9
  • Adding and Subtracting Within 9
There are tons of hands on manipulatives that compliment each unit. It isn't necessary to use all of the manipulatives, but I do recommend them. The manipulatives helped Mia sensorially, she was able to touch and see the numbers which helped her to recall rather easily.

 The cost of purchasing the manipulatives that were sent to us is about 19.99 for each set of Flip Cards, the Student Number Cards are $24.00 for a set of 10, Touch Math Tutor First Grade Software is $99.00 for a single license, and  the Touch Numerals are $99.00.

You can use Touch Math as your main math program or as a supplement. For those who are aiming in their homeschool to use the Common Core this program is designed to meet those standards.

I was really happy to be able to use this program with Mia. This is a child who loves to learn, but she tends to shy away from math lessons. Giving Mia work that just her and I could work on together was perfect to get her energy ramped up for some math.

We started the lessons right at the beginning although Mia is not in first grade she still knew the prerequisites to begin at this level. The Touch Numerals helped her tremendously to be able to correctly write her numbers. . 

After a couple of times of  her working with me to learn the correct Touch Point on the Touch Numerals, I set up the activity to become an independent work for her.

Once she was able to work independently with the Touch Numerals math has been her first choice of work for the day.

I can also see why Touch Math could be used as a supplementary program too. After Mia felt confident with numbers from one to ten she went on to master teen numbers quickly. 

Every since Mia has been introduced to Touch Math she has requested new math lessons everyday!! 

What I like most about this math program is that it got Mia interested in math and playing with numbers. The worksheets were short and sweet. The software which contains some wonderful games was played eagerly, still Mia was more interested in doing the worksheets and learning by doing more hands on math.

To see what my other crew members shared about Touch Math click on the banner below.


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