Monday, March 4, 2013

Ken Turned 12 Years Old!!

All I can say is that babies don't stay babies forever!  Ken's birthday was yesterday. We had a small celebration on Saturday at her favorite boutique and pizza place which are right next door to each other.

Here are some pics of the fun!

This boutique has some really gorgeous and unique beads. The party activity was to make your own bracelet  and key chain.

     Ken smiled throughout her celebration, she is such a grateful child!!

  Some of the party guest who didn't mind me sharing their pictures on the blog.

When everyone was done making their bracelets and key chains it was time to head next door for some pizza and birthday cake.                        
Ken got some really neat presents which I didn't take the time to photograph. However she has taken pictures of her new American Girl Doll Julie that I gave her as a gift.

She has already read the book and onto learning more about Julie's history which just happens to be in the same time period I was being raised in. And they call it history. LOL.

 12 marks the transition to another plane of development. I have no doubt Ken is all set and ready to continue in her personal journey, I on the other hand am a bit nervous:)                                                                                                                                                          




  1. Happy Birthday to sweet Ken! Her cake is so beautiful! Did you make it?

  2. Thank you! No, I didn't bake the cake. My cake decorating skills don't even come close to this:)

  3. Happy Birthday Ken! Love the pretty beads, hope she had a great day. Is that you in the 8th picture??

    1. No that isn't me. I am camera shy!! But if you search my other blog under I Lost A Bet you will see a picture of me before I cut my dredlocks off.

  4. It looks like she had a fun and very special day. I can only imagine, as I sit here in disbelief over the fact that Annabelle will be three next week, what it must feel like to watch your baby girl turn 12. Never a dull moment, right!? Happy birthday to Ken!

  5. Happy, happy birthday Ken! Thanks for showing us a peek at her lovely, beautiful birthday party!

  6. What a great party!!!! And Julie is a wonderful gift :). Happy Birthday to Ken!!

  7. Thank you ladies!!

    Thank you everybody from Ken:)

  8. Happy birthday Ken! That looks like a GREAT party! FUN!


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